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Cristiano Ronaldo's Sculpture Gone Wrong

Cristiano Ronaldo is represented by a bronze bust of his "likeness", and the internets on FIRE!
World famous athlete with all the charm and good looks one could ask for..... clearly missed in this bronze replica.   So how in the world does this happen?  

When creating a figurative life portrait sculpture, one collects imagery from all angles to replicate in form.  This piece was sculpted in clay first to then cast in bronze.  Clay is the most forgiving and easily adjusted material known to sculptors!  So who approved this facial expression as a correct representation of Cristiano Ronaldo?  Or did the artist not reveal any progress photos as the sculpture came into form?  Was he granted the job just to reveal this final with any updates in between?  The internet has been buzzing with endless memes criticizing the bust, as Cristiano has to grit and bear this permanent representation of himself.  And how did the artist respond to the outrage?  He compared himself to Jesus who 'never did please everyone' and  “This is a matter of taste, so it is not as simple as it seems."  But the job of a portrait artist is to make the figure pleasing to the eye! 

What I don't understand is how these "artists" get away with this crap.  Clearly there is a process in creating one of these sculptures and the client is ALWAYS kept in the loop on it's progress, ESPECIALLY the VERY person that is being represented in the sculpture... so HOW does something like this happen?  Who was "asleep at the wheel", until the very unveiling?     

Here at Themendousour work is under CONSTANT scrutiny not only by our in house production staff, but most importantly:  our clientele, so as to avoid any surprises.   Time and time again, we have been chosen to reproduce famous figures and did nothing but nail the resemblance.  Some of our favorites can been seen below as well as on our  website:  We recently completed a project where we made an oversized replica of a very iconic celebrity who was personally involved in it's progress from day 1. 

So we ask the question:  WHAT GIVES ?!?!   How did this artist get away with this?  The client should always be kept in the loop, this is much more then "adjusting a few wrinkles"!  


Themendous not only works in museum quality, we also specialize in scenic displays, theming for amusement parks, event displays, guerilla marketing campaigns for advertising agencies and media companies...  Don't let what happened to Ronaldo happen to your project... Give Themendous a call today!!! 


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