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We've been baking something...

BAM! This past weekend, our latest and greatest TOP SECRET project for Google Corp. has been revealed! This little goodie (10ft tall and 8 ft wide) boasts a calorie count of 12 million with a serving size of the world wide web! So take a bite, but be careful as even the Biggest Loser may not be able to help you out of this one! For our readers interested in the actual Gingerbread program release date, there is no word yet on any announcement or code dropping, or is there?  Maybe we know and won't tell you.  Na, Na, NaNa, Na! Below is the official Youtube video on the unwrapping, but I know what you are all thinking right now... Where is that good looking Gio?  Oh yeah... and his making of the Gingerbread video.  Well, what can I say, we have been extremely busy preparing or our upcoming trade show as well as other cool projects out on the floor, one of which include a mad cool 18 hole black light mini golf course soon to open in Jacksonville Fl.   So, keep following us,