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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 PREVIEW

One of our latest projects: Our Victoria's Secret PINK dog mirror balls make their appearance in this youtube video at 4:19 in. We made a total of 8 dogs at 3ft long each. We then scored the internet for pink glass tile suppliers and cleaned up everything out there. Yes folks, there are NO MORE pink glass tiles available. This was a great and challenging project to say the least, as there were the usual delays that happen when you take on not only a custom project, but a prestigious one as well. Everything had to be spot on to Victoria's Secret Pink Brand. The usual multitude of emails, texts and conference calls between our shop, the local production studio and the VS France office took place. Once we were off and running with our sculptures, we needed to find the pink glass mirror tiles and as mentioned above, there were not many out there and all needed to be special ordered and cut to our specifications. Those tiles then needed to be overnighted, or we would not b