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There's no place like home (or a theming company like ours)

It's 12:40 am Friday morning and NYC's Madame Tussauds decides they need an over sized pair of the world famous Wizard of Oz's Ruby Red Slippers in order to celebrate the launch of The Wizard of Oz Cinema 4-D experience in New York that coming Tuesday.   So who does one call to deliver such a HUGE pair of shoes?   Who else, but the King of Huge:  US:   Themendous .   (Tremendous Theming) The whole sculpture process took us 2 days Saturday and Monday for the Tuesday Morning on site installation call.  Wow only 2 days you say?    Hell yeah!  We are certainly no strangers to those types of deadlines and we don't fool around when it comes to our theming.  (well, we do fool around but that's what keeps us on our toes!)  The 3D foam sculptures were delivered on time and set up for get this:  90 minutes!  WOW you say, but that's all that was really needed to help get the word out about the 4D experience in the Big Apple.  In fact, when the AP bulletins made their w