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Canobie Lake Part 3

Here is Part 3 in our 3-D sculpted sign project for Canobie Lake Park. I will be the first to say that I was not at the shop on this day. I was away on "special assignment" so I asked Maritza to tape an episode. Sometimes you just need to let go and leave the job to someone else. This was not one of those times. All joking aside, did you know that aside from oversized sculpts like the ones created for Google Android and their Cupcake, Custom Creations also excels in signage of any size?!? Follow this exciting webisode to see how the projects for Canobie Lake Park turns out! (I promise, I won't leave again).

Cupcake Client Revealed

Here it is!!!!! The secret is officially out!! WOW this cupcake weighs a whopping 465 lbs. Ingredients include: 350lbs of flour, either many, many eggs, or just one from a really big chicken, a pinch of sugar, a barrel of butter, 200 gallons of milk and a dab of Custom Creations. (isn't that sweet?) But seriously, we put some amazing effort in getting this tremendous cupcake done in no time at all for their product launch: "Cupcake", a software development application for its Android 1.5 software update! Q: did you know that Custom Creations also built the 13ft tall Android seen in the background? Why yes we did! Want to learn more? Want to see more? Well, it's coming. That and MUCH MUCH more!

Canobie Lake 3-D Signage

Did you know that Custom Creations also makes 3-D sculpted signs? Not only do we excel in oversized sculpts, black light miniature golf and other fun theming for family entertainment centers and amusement parks, but our abilities also translate well into signage of any size! Follow this exciting webisode to see how the projects for Canobie Lake Park turns out!

Top Secret Project - Episode 5 - Cupcake Painted

Well, here it is: the cupcake is painted and ready for delivery. Remember, we can't tell you who the client is until their product launch. (We do believe we have dropped some good hints along the way) In the meantime, this is what our client has said about our last two projects for them: "Giovanni, you and your team did an incredible job -- against all odds and a crazy, unrealistic schedule. You rocked!" and "That is SO AWESOME. Perfect!" ... AR

Colin Powell with Google's Android!

WOW !!! I just received this photo from our client GOOGLE and was jazzed to see Colin Powell standing in front of our 13 foot tall Android Robot! This is really cool! Colin Powell has now officially been inducted to the "Six Degrees of Custom Creations Separation" web game! (I just came up with that. Actually many celebs have had run ins with us and our works. More on that later.) The Android was a mad rush job for Google in October of 2008. It was completed in all of four very long days. It stands 13 feet tall and is 7' - 6" in diameter. We made it to ship out in four pieces and easy to assemble. Quick fact - the truck left our shop on a Friday at 7:30 pm and made it to the Google Campus that Monday at 5:30 AM. Now THAT'S service!!!!! (Not like Roadway who lost our Funexpo crates for a month. They suck.) So here is Colin Powell, who was reported to have said these very words: "Man oh man, if I had this Android Robot, created by no other than Cu

Top Secret Project Episode 3

When a HUGE-MONGUS company needs a top secret project done faster than yesterday, who do they call? No one other than us Custom Creations. We were underway with the project not five minutes from the initial phone call. Again, it's top secret, so I can't tell you anything about it until after they make their annoucements. Day 3: The sculpt is done! But wait... if I show you what it is right now, all the fun would be gone. I think it's best to show the sculpt after we hard coat it and prep it for paint, so we will reveal that on Wednesday night. Besides, the HUGE-MONGUS company who called us needs to do their "unveiling" first, before we are allowed to give it the full blown out brag!

Top Secret Project - Episode 2

If you were to Google "Custom Creations", you would find that we excel in oversized props, 3D styrofoam sculpture and black light miniature golf to name but a few of our abilities. (BTW, we also have the ability to walk through walls and doors...shhhhhhh!) Anyway, when this TOP SECRET internationally known company Googled us, they knew they were knocking on the right doors (it was almost as if they knew we were about to walk through them. Hmmmmmmm) Day 2: We ran a hard day and made some serious progress with this and other projects going on at the same time! Maritza is tied up in the office (she was a bad girl) and I took over the camera...

Top Secret Project - Episode 1

When a HUGE-MONGUS company needs a top secret project done faster than yesterday, who do they elect to call?.... who else... no one other than us: Custom Creations. Well, we were literally underway with the project not 5 minutes into the initial phone call. Again, it's top secret, so I can't tell you anything about it until after they unveil their reason for this project. Since we are so excited about what's going on and of course, the world wide bragging rights to this project, we will let you in on the fun (to some degree) this is episode 1 in the making of the "prop". Tune in for the other episodes. Note : We dont know how many episodes this will take, since we are going off the cuff here and video tape with minimal editing.

Jesus found in my Bacon!

WOW, can you believe it!  I was making breakfast for my son and while cooking up some bacon, It took the form of what looks strongly enough like..... wait for it..... Jesus and his apostles breaking bread at the last supper!  It was strange to me at first.  I look at the shape and said wow, this looks oddly familiar, and then it dawned on me exactly what it was!  This was so incredible actually, that  I always found it funny how people would find Jesus in toast or trees or on other strange locations and would think that they did something to concoct this image, but how could someone fake this?  Thinking that no one would believe me, or see what I saw,  I googled some images for actual comparisons, and there it was!  If you look closely... the white part of the bacon is the tablecloth and above the bodies and heads you could actually see facial profiles in what seems to be the heads of the apostles.      This is truly amazing isn't it?  It is here for all to share and cherish... odd

The Way Back Machine!

Let's jump into the way back machine and take a look at what we were doing in 2006... (wavy screen) The 2006 year for Custom Creations has already proven packed with great news! The year started off with an overseas project to Montego Bay Jamaica, where we were contracted to design and build Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville! The completion of that project spun off to 2 other locations in Turks/Caicos and Grand Cayman. Jimmy himself was one happy camper! Then came our greatest creation ever, the birth of our son Dante and after a number of other projects; the design and build of "KRAZY CITY" the newest Family Fun Center located at the Palisades Mall in Nyack, New York. Custom Creations was approached by company owners during the November IAAPA show to come up with eye catching designs, theming and signage for their new 28,000 sq ft state of the art facility. Custom Creations worked hand in hand with the architect, contractors and client and produced an amazing

The Results Are In!

Seperated at birth? That's Maritza on the left, Gio on the right. Or is it the other way around? Either way, the beard results will be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned!