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THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED AT IAAPA '13 ... And the results are costly!

As most of you know, this past IAAPA '13 show was the first time in 15 years as members that we did not exhibit in the show, as pending projects and overlapping deadlines did not allow us to set aside any time to build a booth this year (we change our booth design every year.  Check them out here ).  As all of you know, the IAAPA show is very important to us and so while we could not exhibit, we decided to walk the show, not only as a buyer for a current project, but view it through an attendees eyes.  Something that I have always tried to do while exhibiting, but never had the chance as working our booth requires all hands on deck.  My experience as an attendee/buyer was amazing!  But I still had the blood of an exhibitor flowing through my veins.  So walking down the isles I was so shocked to see a number of things that exhibitors were both doing and not doing, that I thought I would share those findings with our community.  I invite you to read and comment on your experien