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Please add your comments!

I've now made it easier to add a comment!  No more registering.  Just open commenting! Please feel free to post and let me know what you think of our work!  It means a lot to me, so please go right ahead.     Just please.. keep it clean and no spamming! Thanks Giovanni

Island of Dr More Glow

Welcome, to the newest black light miniature golf course in Jacksonville Fl.: Krazie Golf's "The Island of Dr. More Glow"! Installed at Cassat's Family Fun Center and Bowling Center , this 18 hole, 5,000 sq ft course is Krazie Cool and packed full of props and hand painted glow in the dark murals! Your adventure begins with a relaxing sailboat ride but quickly you are thrown off course and land on an apparently deserted island. With no way off the island, you make your way through a forest and series of spider webs, and come upon the castle of the mysterious Dr. Glow. Having heard tales of his madcapped creations, you decide to enter the castle and investigate, only to find out that one of Dr. Glow’s Krazie Robot experiments has escaped. Dr. Glow dares you to give chase through the Vortex transporter, where you will eventually face off with the Krazie Robot. Follow it into the big city, scale up a building onto the rooftop, where a hole in one sends it crash

Calling All Ice Cream Sandwich Lovers

Our latest Google lawn sculpture has arrived! Ice Cream Sandwich This was a real "treat" to sculpt and we certainly had a blast, and getting an email from Google saying they "LOVE it" was the cherry on top. I don't know if anyone has ever actually placed a cherry on top of an ice cream sandwich, or if it's even an accepted practice, but hey... WTH. (maybe I should sculpt a cherry and send it over for ICS to wear as a hat. Check out the video below and stay tuned, we are working on something really really tremendous RIGHT NOW!