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Beard styles to chose from

So this is where you guys get to have some fun. Remember, the style with the most votes wins and I will hold on to that style for at least 1 month (maybe more, if I like it). But remember the rule is that you have to donate directly to Give Kids the World . They have a several easy ways for you to do so. One last thing... I am a publicly seen person in several places. I am also a member of my town's school board of education so, I WILL have to "sport" the look that gets the highest vote. To register your vote, simply make a comment on this post and the tally will be there for all to see. Now go. Go and donate whatever you can. As little or as much and don't forget to spread the word to all your social network friends! Thanks. Giovanni Calabrese This is what I used to look like before the beard! Man, I need a shave!

UPDATE! Inside the business of leisure and entertainment

BREAKING NEWS!! Doing some supersleuthing and using our incredible powers to sniff out a fraud, we found a couple of links buried within pages and pages of "press releases" on Business Trends TV that expose them as the hucksters they are. From the New York Times: Here's Gio's original post detailing his encounter with these charlatans. I just received a phone call from Alex Berry of Business Trends a production company wanting to feature me and my company in a nationally broadcasted /televised story dealing with the "behind the scene" of the business of leisure and entertainment. "WOW" I thought! We finally made the big time in national publicity and a production crew wants to air our story! What a great way to promote our products. The producer Alex Berry, proceeds to tell me how interesting and exciting our blacklight mini golf courses and Amusement Park and family fun center theme se

An oldie but goodie for Mtv

I'm up late and really need to get to bed, but first, I thought I should post this oldie but goodie. We made this 20 foot tall Moon Man and 3 foot tall walnuts for MTV. It was shown in Grand Central Station in NYC. I thought our fans should know that here at Custom Creations, we do more than just blacklight mini golf. We excel in oversized sculpted props as well. Enjoy!

Thumb war with @Garyvee

At a recent Tweetup, hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee , put together by @eva_abreu , I challenged thumbwar king Gary Vee to a thumbwar. Knowing I would be confronted with the man, I had put much training into the challenge the night before (note the Rip Van Winkle style beard I was up all night) I did not have this the day before, yet somehow the sheer physical drain on my body produced it. (Actually I have grown it as a fund raiser for a great cause: Give Kids The World The result of my overnight cramming? EPIC, KILLER, SHATTERING, SHEER LEGACY! (for Gary, of course)


The power of the stain has always been unmeasurable... Until now. with our new Obama stimulus package funded top secret state of the art virtual stain program, we are now able to show, with great detail the effect of the "stain". As you look closely, you can see that the stain does not "flatten" you, as one would think, but rather send you in the air to a vertical position. This is the perfect position to slide the competition "outta here" or "outta there", thusly clearing the floor for those who are serious about quality products. Further examples of quality products and "stain" results can be viewed here on our blog. DON'T GET PUNCH STAINED. SPREAD THE WORD.


On our way to our show at the convention center for our FunExpo show, we bumped into TIM and had a little "meet and greet" about his product. It's amazing what a little ingenuity can get you, so we just had to give him a little exposure here on the "Custom Creations Theming Show". (by the way, he makes a mean pizza!)

Photo Gallery Follow this link and you'll be taken to our photo gallery which includes videos and photos of past projects. Be sure to check out "Neptune's Labrynth" a Krazie Golf ; a black light mini golf experience.

School Daze

To say we're a little busy would be an understatement. We're putting the final touches on our incredible display for this year's IALEI exhibit and Gio's been in front of the mirror practicing his acceptance speech and combing out that damned beard he's been growing. Our top secret project that includes centaurs, minotaurs and skeletons is moving along at a rapid fire pace while we're designing another lasermaze. In the meantime, Maritza figured out how to make the blog look snappy but not how to widen the inside column (suggestions appreciated). Here's a couple of links to some sites that may help you sound pretty smart next time you go golfing: Just remember the answer to this question: "Who makes the coolest, most awesomest outdoor and indoor blacklight mini golf props in the world?" Answer: Custom Creations!