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Check out our Gigantic Tomato and Pepper Props for our next install!!

Check out our latest and greatest prop build for a midwest restaurant!   A 14 foot tomato and 14 foot pepper!  Both to mounted on the side of a brand new building, installed with our next build of an entire 17 foot  meatball shaped restaurant!!  Can't wait to see the finals on these babies!!  
Can you make latte art??? Looking for a professional Barista to teach a small group of four or five people, step by step latte art making.  We have a restaurant grade espresso machine and all the tools needed but have not been able to master foam latte art on our own.  Please contact us if you are able to teach us how to do work similar to this:  Best Latte Art HELP!!! Tri State Area Local Gig, get at us if interested at 
  Only at THEMENDOUS, do we have shark week in December! Check out this fierce prop we made for a secret photo shoot, soon to be announced! A very special celeb will be plopping her bottom into this Tremendous Themendous Prop! Jaws ain't got nothing on this shark!   Stay tuned to see the professional photos from our celebrity encounter!  But for now, enjoy the Themendous shoot!                     Any guessing on who will be photographed in this sweet prop? Check out more photos on our Facebook page at
Here it is fans,  Our intro video of "Last Time, on Themendous" This is part 1 of a great sizzle put together for us by 2CMedia, who has graciously allowed us to air it on our social channels.  The video was shot and edited by the talented husband/wife team of Zeus and Jennifer Leyva of Cabana Pictures.  There will be more to come from this sizzle, as it covers a hard hit deadline for a project we made for Jimmy Buffet's Margartiaville in Jamaica.  (having just gotten hit by Hurrican Sandy, they had an urgent need to rebuild, and came to us Themendous, for that very help.  Believe it or not, we were already scheduled to film a sizzle revolving around a different build, when the hurricane happened to hit.   The footage from this project just fell in place.
Recently at Themendous, we were commissioned to convert a 1970's Volkswagen Bug into a parade float Santa Sleigh!  Of course, we were super excited to create such an intense build!  Check out the results below!  Custom builds are done from scratch here at Themendous.  We hand carved this sleigh to fit the casey of a VW bug perfectly. It will be used as a fantastic marketing parade prop for a christmas special.  Riding in this sleigh, as it hit the road, was quite a treat!   For our full album, check out our Facebook page  HERE.   Our visit our website to see our full portfolio at