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Join Themendous at Jersey Fest and Get Your Monster on!!

Be sure to check out our Themendous Monster Mash David Hartman Sculpted Illustration on display this upcoming Friday for the first time on the East Coast!  Join us at Jersey Fest !!   A Private screening will be available for the class attendees on Friday August 28th!  It will be open to the public on Saturday and Sunday!!  Join Us.... IF You Dare! To see our Making of Videos, Visit our youtube Channel and start with Video 1 HERE!    


If you are on the playa this year, be sure to not miss our sculpture for Kostume Kult at 6:45 and Esplanade!!! We will be camping adjacent to Center Camp ready to costume burners with playa gear and  have them strut their stuff down the runway of our wicked Klown sculpture's tongue!!! This years theme is Carnival of Mirrors so when Kostume Kult came to us with a Tremendous Theming need, Themendous custom created an amazing wicked Klown face! Spanky's first debut was at Kostume Kults last NYC party before the burn, FreaKKShow.  But that was only a teaser for the install due on Playa!! It will be displayed center stage at Kostume Kult as lead archway to the runway where you will get a chance to show off your new gear to everyone!                              The install on Playa will be a whopping 18 feet tall with color changing antenna lights, disco LED eyes, and a plush runway tongue!  Don't miss your chance to strut your stuff down this wi

Google Released their Latest Tasty Treat!!

And it is Our  Tremendously SWEET SCULPTURE! In case you missed the great reveal, the secret M is for that fluffy sugar based candy puff known as MARSHMALLOW!  Although they have no nutritional facts, they are for sure a signature tasty treat! A perfect addition to the tasty names of all Android operating systems.  And we sure have a sweet spot for this one!   This is the 11th Android Tasty Treat Operating System we have sculpted for Google, not including the first ever 13 foot tall Android for the official launch! So what were the TEN other Tasty Treats we have made for Google and how did this all start?  Watch this Super Cute Video Google Put together after visiting our shop.  :)