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An artist in the making!

Here's a quick blurb I thought I would share... As far back as I can remember, I've always been drawing in one form or another, but never held on to anything. Well today, upon my return he from work, my son presented me with a little gift he made for me during his day. As you can see he is turning into quite the little artist himself! His words to me were: "um papa, I drew the Silver Surfer, Iron Man, and Spiderman for you. I suggest that you put it in a frame and hang it up". You betcha! Yes I will. In fact I will make sure of it and also make sure that he will have these great creations and memories for as long as possible! Oh and by the way, if anyone is interested... Prints to help support his college fund are available for a mere $10.00. A real steal and great investment from a great future artist! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Buy from us, you bastards, we're better than the other guys!

I've always found myself to be a creative person, able to come up with funny, off the cuff, some times dark comedic scenarios towards the promotion of things in general.  I remember a grammar school contest where we were asked to come up with an ad for Tropicana orange juice (why exactly, I don't know), but I drew a carton of orange juice next to a glass and some school books, and wrote the slogan: "'s great before a test"  In my opinion it was the better of the submissions but I did not win because "I didn't specify what KIND of test"   I remember thinking "Seriously? ... a test ...  ANY TEST" DUH!    Today, as a business owner in the very demanding field of amusement park and family fun center theming and attractions, I constantly find myself re living my grammar school advertising contest day, in my need to convey our products and services. Maybe I never would have been the great advertising executive I once thought I would be

what you see is what you get

At Themendous, we take serious pride in our black light miniature golf course design and fabrication.  Our designs are not sell points, but blue prints to YOUR next mini golf course.    Here you see a great example of why we excel in our Krazie Golf courses and what sets us apart from our competition.   In today's industry, everyone seems to boast they are "leaders in the industry" because of volume.  Well we are proud to say that we do not boast volume, and while others boast, we simply deliver ! Are you looking for some new theming, 3D sculpted signs, indoor / outdoor mini golf or just looking to add to an existing attraction?  Give us a call today and see how we can help you! Be sure to visit our sites:    and