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Eclair or not to Eclair?

Eclair Originally uploaded by customcreationstheming Here's Gio contemplating what could be the next giant pastry Google Corp. will ask Custom Creations to make! A 10 foot tall flan? A dainty 5 foot creme brulee or even and old fashioned sundae? The possibilities are endless! The 10' Long Eclair has made it's way to the Google campus, joining the Android, Cupcake and Donut. We don't know what will come next from Google Corp. (or do we???) but we do know it will be HUGE!

Swine Flu Comes Full Circle

Here's a video from this past winter with us taking precautions against the swine flu. With all the controversy surrounding the H1N1 vaccine, maybe you should take a couple of tips from us: The Swine Flu is upon us and we have taken all steps necessary to protect ourselves, in order to get our project done without getting sick. This is just another fine example of the steps we take to make sure that our clients are happy with the results of our hard work and creativity. In these troubled times protection is key. Remember: No glove, No love!

I can haz donuts?

Check out this article on Phandroid and the nice link back to our videos where you get to see the making of the Google cupcake. Thanks for the link and the great photo shown here!