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Wizard of OZ is 72yrs old today!

Another year has quickly gone by and today, I am reminded that The Wizard of OZ film debut is 72 yrs old!  There are many amongst us that cherish this movie in one way or another, and the fan base that exists even 72 yrs later is still strong and ever growing.   Personally we are always honored to be part of a historic moment and last year, we were asked to construct two very large Ruby Red Slippers and legs for the 71st anniversary of the movie.   Below is our original blog post.   And if we can help YOU out with any project for an event, trade show, branding or facility theming, just click your heals three times.  And when you're done with that, pick up the phone and give us a call! Original post: July 14th 2010: It's 12:40 am Friday morning and NYC's  Madame Tussauds  decides they need an over sized pair of the world famous Wizard of Oz's Ruby Red Slippers in order to celebrate the launch of The Wizard of Oz Cinema 4-D experience in New York that coming Tuesda