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Come see Themendous' Monster Mash at Monsterpalooza!!!!

A MONSTER MASH at MONSTERPALOOZA!!              Be sure to stop by Our Booth!!! If you're into monsters, syfy and the art behind this great genre, then  Monsterpalooza  is the place for you to be!  And since we certainly are, it's the place and show, for us as well. But what do we exhibit amongst such great talent like  Steve Wang ,  Rick Lazzarini , and  Stan Winston School of Character Arts ?   Well, in wanting to showcase our abilities and contribution to this nail biting and hair raising event, Themendous has teamed up with the great Emmy Award-nominated director, producer and illustrator:  David Hartman  to produce an oversized, fully sculpted replica of Hartman's "Monster Mash" from his amazing collection of illustrations at  Sideshow Monkey .   The final will be a whopping ten feet tall by seven feet wide, dripping with monster madness and some secret special effects!  The original scene is a mash up of some of our favorite horror figures, including a