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About Us

Themendous is a full scale design and build scenic company.

We specialize in black light miniature golf courses, miniature golf theming, themed decor, 3-D sculpted props and 3-D signage, for family entertainment centers, events and event companies, retail applications, promotion and marketing companies as well as designers and builders for fun centers and amusement parks.

We have won numerous international industry awards for our projects and pride ourselves on our unique designs and ability to produce quality products on time and on budget. You can see more of our projects and capabilities in our on line portfolio here flickr

With 21 years of industry experience, we hope that we can have an opportunity to present to you our knowledge and talent.

Looking to stay in the loop with our current projects?  Please give us the honor of following our links:


2012 IAAPA Winners:  BEST BOOTH 1st place
2010 Winners of the "We thought we would win an award" Award (IAAPA '10)
2009 IALEI Golden Token Award: Best New Product: Black Light Laser Maze
2008 IAAPA Best Booth, Honorable mention
2007 IAAPA 1st Place winners Best New Product: Black Light Roller Coaster Ride
2001 IAAPA Honorable Mention Best New Product:  3D Signage

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