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BlackLight Mini golf: 1 year Anniversary of Neptunes Labyrith in Melvindale Mi

Looking for a Black Light miniature golf course in Melvindale Mi?  Well you can find it here . Play Atlantis is a 33,000 sq ft facility that entertains children of all ages.  The aquatic-themed indoor playground offers glow-in-the-dark miniature golf, bouncers, laser tag and a video arcade. Krazie Golf (tm) installed this great 9 hole miniature golf location in the summer of 2009.   June 2009 to be exact! So, with it's 1year anniversary upon us, we thought it would be apropos to give them a BIG thumbs up, congratulations, and best wishes for continued success! So stop in and ask for the owners: Mike or Eric and give them a great big high five for opening such a great location for families of all ages to create such memorable times together.  Mention this blog article and who knows... they may even give you a free round of mini golf! For more of this story, click on or type the links below: Our YouTube channel walk thru -or- http://www.the

King of Kings Statue burns

In today's emails I receive notice that the "King of Kings" Jesus Statue (also known as the "Touchdown Jesus" statue was struck by lighting last night and burned to the ground.   The statue and the area around it suffered approximately $700,000 in damages and thank God, no one was hurt. I also understand that the church has already made a statement that it plans to rebuild the statue, which led me to contacting them, and offering our help.  The online articles have stated the original structure to have cost $250,000 and took over a year to build YIKES!!!!!!  Seriously?  Well,  I can say one thing is for sure,  we can certainly build that for less and a lot quicker (two months tops)!   We do not tote ourselves as the "King of HUGE" for nothing!  Simply reviewing this blog's history of oversized projects alone proves that!!!  Anyway,  I'm not looking to diss anyone, but I do hope that if the church is going to rebuild the famous and no

Sculptor Secrets! "shapes & sizes"

My little cousin Vincenzo stops by for a job interview. He was hired on the spot. But if this video is being viewed by some government labor official ... NO he was not. I'm kidding. On the part about hiring him, not the part of his stopping by. or am I ? After all, this is Sculptor Secrets.