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Honeycomb delivery!

The honeycomb emerges...

Here it is, Our latest and greatest Over sized 3D sculpture of the Google Honeycomb. This was a fun one (as we got to play with the open cell "photo op" here at the shop before it was delivered. Loading the truck with this one...THAT was a story unto it's self! Stay tuned for some fun photos, and if you find yourself at the Google HQ's, taking some photos and video, please remember to send us a copy! We would love to see them!

A honeybee supervises the delivery of the honeycomb

We have been Busy Bees! Something sweet is coming!!!

Paying homage to the Android statues

One of the cool things about this guy's job is that he gets to see cool things like all the cool Google lawn sculptures that we made... and THAT... is COOL ! You're welcome cool dude... You're welcome.

It's a Girl !!!

Wow,  I can't believe it!  I still can't get over it. A GIRL!  I mean, I was fine with either a boy or girl, since quite honestly we already have a boy, but now that she's here, I can't even explain how I feel.  Excited for sure.  I think my biggest problem now is that I am torn between two names: Giovanna or Isabella.  I like both, so I guess we need to sleep on it until tomorrow. The other concern/problem is that I have to learn how to wash her after she does her "business".  I mean my son was easy there was nothing there for his "business" to get up into.  Man am I in for some surprises huh?  Well...looks like we have another product tester on our hands for our family fun center props and theming and black light minigolf.  We'll have to get her started right away!  


I know I promised that the next time I would post was to have an updated and complete rundown of our most recent works, but what can I say... there are more important things afoot! THE BIRTH OF OUR GREATEST CREATION #2 Yep, that's right!  Today (02/02/11) we will not be introducing our latest black light miniature golf installation or tremendous over sized 3D foam sculpture, but rather:  the birth of our 2nd child! Everyone is nervous and excited!   Our area has been getting hit with snow storm upon snow storm and even now, as I type, it is sleeting and the car is covered with ice-ice baby!  So off to a careful drive to our area hospital. Our first son Dante (now 5) is on pins and needles.  He is adamant about having a girl, but we won't know until the very moment!  Stay tuned... we will certainly post our latest creative shop endeavors, but first:  Our BABY !!!