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We Miss Carlos

Our master sculptor and all around man of international mystery, Carlos, is on vacation in his hometown of Puebla, Mexico. We miss him, he adds a certain touch of finesse the shop seems to lack. He has called and wants us all to know that the weather is perfect, the food is perfect, sleeps all day and parties all night, while the rest of us are here fighting frostbite and sweeping the shop. I'm more than a little jealous. But no one needed a vacation more than Carlos. Take a look at this photo when I asked him he was coming along on the Unbelieva-bill's Laser Maze: We put every fiber of our beings into a client's project. Whether you're looking for black light mini-golf , black light laser maze challenges , oversized sculptures and props , we strive for perfection. We are not just fabricators, we are artists and some of us can even juggle chainsaws.

Weekly Video Post

Back in 2003, we were asked to create props for this music video. The original video which can be found on YouTube has been edited down to highlight only the important parts namely our props. Marvel at how we were able to capture the subtle signature tilt for the oversized "Cat in the Hat" hat and sing along! Things are getting weird, things are getting tough Nothing's making sense but you keep on looking up They tell you to be true, you're trying every day You keep it on the real, still you gotta find a way To make your mama happy, to make your papa proud You gotta turn it up but all you hear is turn it down So gather round I'm here to say You'll never make everybody's day But while you're around you might as well Catch the tiger by his tail

Baby It's Cold Outside!

It's currently 19 degrees Farenheit here in New Jersey which is just wrong. 19 degrees. Let's try to understand what this means, shall we? Water freezes at 32 degrees. We would have been ice cubes 13 degrees ago. Frostbite occurs when temperatures get extremely cold. I believe we're there. You lose 32 percent of your body heat through your head. See the photos below to see my new not cute hat that I bought just for work. I think you get the picture. It's cold. According to a bunch of website and maybe the Farmer's Almanac, we're headed for the coldest winter in five years. What does this mean to you? Cold weather means staying indoors which means people want to play mini-golf and laser mazes. This is the perfect time to contact us to help you design your family entertainment center. Imagine the profits you'll be reaping this year as the owner of your very own and very cool black light mini golf and black light laser maze. Take a look at some of ou


Custom Creations is more than just mini golf and oversized sculptures and pretty faces. We have also made props for commercials and music videos. Check us out! At the start of the video, there's an exterior shot of the diner which shows it's called "Tasty's Yard". We made the sign that says "Yard". It's a very important element to the song and video because it ties together the young woman's milkshake and her yard. See, it's Tasty's Yard that you will visit after sampling the milkshake. Without the sign, you would be in an existential quandry asking yourself exactly who's yard do the boys visit. The song went on to become an international number one hit because people saw that sign. Stay tuned, we will be posting more videos.

Monster Mini Golf

Those of you who are ardently following the legal debacle of Monster Mini Golf vs Monster Cable, here's a link to an article on Engadget. It seems that the nefarious and grumpy Monster Cable will sue anyone who's company refers to the word "Monster" in any way, shape or form. Here's a link to just a few pages of their lawsuits against anyone who dares to use the "M" word. And I'm sure the free advertising doesn't hurt. The cynical side of me says, "You can't pay for this kind of advertising" but at the same time, I wouldn't want to be in their golf shoes. Luckily, Krazie Golf is lien free - give us a call. I'm sure the good folks at Monster Mini Golf have had many a sleepless night worrying about this lawsuit. Too many times we here about the little guys losing to the big corporate monsters (hee!) in court. It makes me happy to see the public rallying to defend this small company in the interest of everything that is good