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Showing posts from February, 2017

Weaving Tremendous Theming

Spring Fever is Almost Here! Projects are creeping out of the shop, just like this spider we are building for a traveling children's museum.  Tiny creepy crawly displays can be transformed into HUGE show stopping focal points that capture audiences all of ages.  Since this piece is intended for children, it will be painted bright beautiful colors to fit within a weaving web activity set below it.  Check out some inspirational photos below:  I f you are familiar with the Kennywood Amusement Park, you have seen our spectacular black widow cave environment:    Stay tuned to see the final museum spider to be released!! 

Big Hearts for Big Productions

Happy Valentine's Day from Themendous!   Take a look at this music video prop that we built to create an illusion of a shrinking heart, video prop magic at it's finest!  We have also created even bigger hearts:  This is what makes us the King of Huge.  We have Big hearts for Big Productions! Call us today, we would LOVE to work on your next project!