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It's 3:00a AM

It's 3:00 AM Boys and Girls.....Do YOU know why I'm still up? So that I can update our blog!  I didn't want anyone to think we forgot about you, it's just that we've been pretty busy working away on a number of new things here ate the shop. Our biggest venture (right now) is the newest Black Light Miniature Golf course we are building for a new location is Dresden and Dusseldorf Germany.  The Locations will be called "Krazy Town"  The theme is various towns around the world.   I must say that this theme has posed it's self to be very challenging, as we are trying to give each town a "Krazy" feel about it.     Posted are some progress photos.  I'll try to get a new production video up asap! Well,  It is late and I've just noticed that it is now 3:08 AM woo-hoo!

The Google Nexus One

Well, here we all are, January 5th 2010.  As the world eagerly awaits the news that Google will release something big, HUGE, in fact, we all wonder if the rumors are true.  Will it be the Nexus One that the internet world is buzzed about?  There were secret photos and youtube videos and they were quickly removed off the face of youtube and then there were and are videos and photos that seem to be there to stay.  There are articles and more articles .  Rumors and rumors.  Is it happening yes or no? One of the things we do here at the Custom Creations theming shop, is build oversized props. Last year Google Corp. had contacted us and asked us to build an oversized Android robot for the launch of Android.  we jumped to the occasion and finished that bad boy in 4 days!  Then came Cupcake at 8' tall, then came Donut at 8' diameter and then Eclair at 10' long.  Google has been good to us. Why?  Well, to toot our own horn, we do excell at what we do small or large, we g