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Showing posts from September, 2009

Haunted Attraction Photo Op

As of this video posting, we are selling this monstrous, gory, oversized, photo, opportunity sculpture. This is great for all haunters, professional or residential! Call us for a price (201) 223-5125. Hurry up, or it's going in front of my home and I will be the one to get all the news and press coverage and then you'll be jealous!

King of the Road

Goliath Originally uploaded by customcreationstheming Goliath left the shop and was heading down the highway, looking for adventure and whatever comes his way...okay, I'll stop now. We'd love to see any photos taken by anyone lucky enough to see him on the road. Drop us a line and send us your photos of our nine foot tall King of the Road!


Goliath Originally uploaded by customcreationstheming Here's our magnificent Goliath which will ship out on Saturday. All 9 feet of him is ready for some hardcoating then painting then it's off to South Dakota! Click on his photo to be taken to the Flickr set for more shots.

Monster in the Shop

This 3d sculpted monster needs a good home (the prop, not the Luc - we need him here). Makes a great photo op display or lawn ornament. Great for haunted attractions, parks or any crazy venue. Interested? Give us a call! He's ready to ship right now!


Here's a photo of our latest sculpture in progress "Goliath". That's the King of Huge himself, Gio, standing next to it. It will be over 9 feet tall, a towering, massive piece of brilliance sculpted by our fine artists here at Custom Creations. You know you want one. Give us a call and get your own!

Halloween Monster

Here's a Halloween photo prop we're working on at the shop. With Halloween fast becoming the most popular holiday in the US, many parks and recreation centers are staying open past Labor Day to help families celebrate the fall festivities. Give us a call and let's build something just for you this season!