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Google Releases the Android 'N'!!!

At the Google headquarters, Googleplex, in Mountain View, Cailifornia, Google has released the well anticipated Android 'N' operating system Sweet!!!  Fans have voted and Google has listened!  With the public's help, we are proud to announce the NOUGAT  !!!   Each year Android releases their new and improved OS and pairs it with a delicious sweet of their liking.  That's when they call us: # Themendous aka "The King of HUGE" to create the sugary android!  For the past decade we have created countless droids and sweet sculptures that still stand at the Mountain View headquarters.   The Google Sculptures have become so popular since the inception of Android in 2008 that today, the  Sculpture Garden (also known as the Google Lawn Sculptures) has become a right of passage for all Googlers and visitors alike.   The Google Sculpture Garden is open to the public and is visited by thousands of people per year!   Themendous creates ove

Mother of Dragons and the Dragon of Maine

The Mother of Dragons,  holds no power over our Themendous Oversized beast! This is the Mother of all Dragons!  At a whopping 31 feet long and 19 feet tall, this dragon still holds its stance.  If you are a fan of fantasy, Game of Thrones, and mystical creatures of all sizes, then you will love our favorite piece that inhabits the Fun Town Splash Town in Maine. He official secures our name as the King of Huge and we hold the throne! After 15 years of all seasoned weather and salty Maine air, it was time to re-finish our sculpture. Winter sure did come AND this piece was never covered.... After 15 years of Winter, he has gone undamaged and still stands strong.  Although extremely sound, he did require a new coat of paint!  The Dragon Queen ain't got nothing on us! As you can see, the pigments of the paint eventually were overpowered by the intense sun. But worry not, sculpting is our realm and we are the protectors!!!  The Themendous Crew took a sho

Entenmann's National Donut Day 2016

In case you did not make it out today,  here are some pictures from Entenmann's National Donut Day 2016: Our Donuts sculptures are Themendous! ******************************************************************************** This year, Entenmann's will be giving away 50,000 free donuts and free coffee.  Be sure to check out the event starting as early as 7am in Union Square on Friday June 3rd: The event is posted on their  Facebook page:  " Entenmann's ® Bakery and  The Salvation Army USA  are throwing a party to celebrate National Donut Day! Join us from 7AM-1PM on Friday, June 3rd at Union Square Park between West 17th and West 18th streets for a FREE donut and a cup of coffee! ☕ Festivities include: the revealing of a 6’ Rich Frosted Sprinkled Donut, a check presentation to The Salvation Army, photo opportunities with Mr. Rich Frosted, Mrs. Crumb Donut, The Salvation Army "Donut Lassies," the Donut Mobile, an

Name the Android 'N' for Google

As you may already know, Themendous creates all the Google Sweet OS statues and lawn sculptures!  Giovanni is know as the 'Droid Dude' and we are ecstatic to hear what we will be building this year! For the Android N, Google has turned to YOU for help in naming the next sweet to debut this Friday June 3rd! Cast your vote here: While you are picking your brain to think of the best SWEET that begins with 'N', have a look at the our previous years of work for Google Android: View our full portfolio at