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Star Wars, The Force Awakens with THEMENDOUS newly installed window displays

                Giving in to the Dark Side....  Themendous installed the Bloomingdale's Star Wars windows we did !   With just a 2 and a half weeks notice, Themendous jumped to the challenge of creating these 5 prestigious  "The Force Awakens" Star Wars window scenes. The man hours involved were too much to even calculate at time of this post, but know that team Themendous was pulling some major overnighters!!!  Working with only Clip art taken from the internet, we looked to the Force and yes, it WAS with us!  If you are in NYC, please be sure to stop by the Bloomingdale's windows on 60th St. and 3rd Ave, and take a selfie in front of our creations and let us know about it!!!  Follow us on our instagram page: as well as our FB page here:   Be sure to see them all at the Bloomingdales Holiday Widow Displays on 60th Street in NYC!!!!  May the force be with you!