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Tremendous Signs by Themendous, ISA2016 Sign Expo

As many of our followers know, we created gigantic sculpture for events and family fun center needs. Our expert signage goes way beyond the printed and a step further then CNC.  We create completely custom sculpture signage for outdoor establishments that guests can see for a mile down the road!  We surely know how to leave lasting impressions and branding marks that people will not forget. Although we could not make it to the ISA Sign Expo, we are surely a company you should be booking for your next project!  Sadly, we could not tear ourselves away from the shop because we are currently building a gigantic 19 foot tall sculpted sign and entrance way for a Six Flags location. Whoo-hooo! Below are a few examples of our largest and most thrilling signage to date!!

Oversized Vegetable Basket for the John Hancock Vitality Event

Looking for some thing sweet and tasty? Check out our latest project for the John Hancock Vitality Event!! We hand welded this aluminum basket and filled it with an array of oversized vegetables and fruits!  Because what does Themendous do best??!!! HUGE FOOD And don't forget our project from last year for the same event: Making big dreams come true!