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Google Nexus One pricing and launch date leak

Technology blogs are awash with rumours about Google's forthcoming Nexus One handset. HOLY COW!!!  January 5th is the day that is announced!  Talk about starting off the year with a bang! Here at Custom Creations, we couldn't be any happier.  Truth be told, the biggest reason is that we are a big supporter of Google, especially since they are a big supporter of Custom Creations. Those who are familiar with our work and this blog, know that we had been hired by Google to build the varied over sized props that adorn the Google HQ in Mountain View CA.  those props include the 13' tall Android, the 8' tall cupcake, 8' diameter Donut and 10' long Eclair.  But what is next for us here at Custom Creations?    Well, for now, All I will say is you will have to stay tuned by Subscribing to our blog as well as following us on   or   ALSO,  if you wish to see video of our recent Google projects, simply type in

Our first Blogger Blog post

Wow this social networking stuff is pretty crazy, isn't it? For us here at Custom Creations and Krazie Golf it certainly has enabled us to raise the bar on our abilities. We have tried to post on a regular basis but have found that to do so is not as easy as one might think. And while we do find it important to keep our followers, clients and potential clients alike informed of our latest black light miniature golf projects, laser mazes an family fun center theming, it is equally important to spend as much quality time with our family as possible. Thus a juggling act makes it's way into the center stage: the iPhone Blogger Blog app! Personally I love the iPhone and all of it's great business abilities and apps. I am writing this entry with it now! So, here it is. Social media, updating our blog, keeping our clientele in the loop and spending more time with the family. All possible with the modern day technology at hand. Curious to see what we are c

Off to Chicago

While this, our latest install, is now installed, we thought you would like to see a little more about us and how we get around... join us won't you, as we head off to Chicago via the ferry from Weehawken NJ, to NYC, E train into Queens and then try to fool Luc into thinking we missed our stop! All this....Plus a bag of chips...on our next installment!

Luc is stuck in Chicago

Lets send some warm thoughts to our man Luc.   He was up in Lake Zurich this weekend to finalize our latest Black Light miniature putt course :   "Lazy Largo Island" at He was supposed to have returned home by now on Jetblue, but his flight was canceled for 6:00am Sunday.  I just now got an email from Jetblue that indicated his flight was once again canceled until this Monday at 6:00am.   Sorry Luc,  at least you have a nice warm hotel to stay at instead of a cold airport floor!  (Do we know how to take care of our people or what?!?) Keep warm in the Hilton's jacuzzi tub LUC! Our Latest 18 hole Black light mini golf is called "lazy largo island".  It has a tropical, laid back feel with tiki's, over sized parrots, sharks, surfboards and cheeseburgers!  If you should find yourself in the Chicago area:  Lake Zurich, you should definitely give yourself a real treat and stop in to play a round.  Heck, play 2 rounds!

Vegas Baby part 2

We are falling behind on our postings and I hope to get the majority uploaded fast. Here Luc boasts about a bunch of things that Custom Creations can make. If you would like a bunch of things from Custom Creations, give us a call at bla bla bla bla bla bla But to be completely serious, if you are looking for creative black light miniature golf courses or laser mazes or simply outstanding theming (is there such a thing as "simple" when it comes to outstanding?), Give us a call!