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Check Bouncing Frank Killino's BIg Chair

Have you ever walked down the board walk, spotted an oversized chair and thought to yourself: "man, my day just wouldn't be complete if I did not have a picture of me in that oversized chair", or "I so have to have a photo of me in that huge chair". well, being the king of HUGE, we have taken that thought and raised the bar. Here is a taste of that bar's position: The overall project is a beach scene which consists of an oversized lifeguard chair, an 8' sand castle 2 life preservers, a 10' L surf board, a muscle man and bikini clad woman relief sculpt. Check it out...

Live feed of a sculpture this Friday 6/26/09 !

We will holding a live feed of a current sculpting project for a Wildwood NJ client. I think it would be fun to show how we rip into the sculpts and demonstrate some skills. As some of you have already viewed in our production video's and already know that we have fun at what we do, but of course it would certainly be more fun if there were an audience involved and participate in some Q&A.   So, on Friday June 26th, 3:00 pm eastern time, we are wanting to experiment a little. This will be live and you will have a chance to interact with us at the shop.   The sculpt project is a multiple component project: An oversized photo op theme for a boardwalk Photo OP center. The project consists of a hugely oversized life guard chair which (the center of attraction) which will be able to fit about 25+ people. An 8' tall sand castle, oversized life preservers, 10' tall surf board a characterized relief sculpted muscle man where you place your head on hi

Americans to spend more on entertainment

I thought the below attached article was an interesting read and agree with the report.  What this basically means to me is that local FEC's will be seeing some serious black in their bottom lines.  They will however be competing against each other, so I offer one bit of advise... No one will come to your fun center if your fun center "aint" FUN!   See my video blurb here .  If you think that simply painting your FEC walls primary colors will make your place "fun", I am sorry to tell you that you are mistaken.  Fun means having a mix of all the right things.  From video games, to redemption, to interactive involvement all the way to the overall layout.  YES the layout!  I recently received a desired floor plan from a client who is looking for an 18 hole black light miniature golf setup in a 5,000 sq ft location.  My immediate question was why an 18 hole?  Why not a 9 hole and mix the rest of the location with other "FUN" stuff?  Why crowd an already s

Play Atlantis Pt 3

Well here it is... day three of what should have been a 2 day install. We were hoping that the trucking delivery of our props would have taken place on Saturday, but they could not get there until Monday morning. Oh well, some times these things happen, which is why it is always a good idea to plan ahead. Play Atlantis of Melvindale Mi is the newest installation of our Krazie-Golf tm black light miniature golf: "Neptune's Labyrinth". When owners Mike K ostrzewa and Eric Anderson decided to turn their 33,000 sq ft. warehouse into a family fun center and include a black light mini golf, the choice to use Krazie-Golf tm was easy. Both owners were amazed at so many sculptures were spread out across the floor as they were being unloaded off the truck this past Monday morning. Owner Eric Anderson commented: "is all that stuff going in there"? referring to the 2100 sq ft space alloted to the mini golf. There were still some walls that needed to be built by the o

On The Road Again

Gio has left the building. If you're headed out to visit the world's largest tire in Detroit or you just feel like visiting Melvindale, MI, be on the lookout for Gio and Carlos the Second who are on a road trip to install Play Atlantis, a blacklight minigolf experience. I call it "blacklight minigolf experience" because it will be unlike any other in the area. This location will have an underwater theme and each prop is sculpted by hand from original designs produced in house by our staff of artists. There will be about 25 large hand painted murals, major props like the whale in this photo hung from the ceiling, hand painted and sculpted coral. It will be phenomenal!