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Greatest putt-putt shot of all time

While some people may argue that miniature golf is not a sport, I beg to differ.  It is a game of skill and zen like patience.  This shot and video is now making its viral run around the block and if you think you've seen some great trick shots before, there is a reason why this video is entitled  "The greatest putt-putt shot of all time"  I wonder if he would have been able to do the same with one of our krazie golf miniature golf courses?  I guess for now I will just need to say:   WOW and truly TREMENDOUS!   Who could have even thought to attempt such a shot?   My hat off to the guy who made this most cool shot of all time! Great Shot dude!


So much to do!  So much to say!!!!!  We have fallen behind on our blog posts.  What can I do?  We're bizzzy!   Since the last post, our ship has obviously been completed and has set sail for.....FINLAND! Yep.  Finland  the really funny thing about it:  the ship is... on a ship! A container ship that is and scheduled to arrive in February for install at a family fun center there.  info to be posted as soon as I get it, or- as soon as I get to posting it!  :)     But I promise,  the next post will have a run down of what has happened since October all the way up to what we are currently working on:  "The Island of Dr. Moreglow"  Possibly our best black light miniature golf construction yet!  Stay tuned  :)