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It snowed today

Yeah, pretty exciting stuff going on right there.  Well...yes actually.  I was going to take some time to update client lists and project deadlines from home, but then my kids started getting cabin fever and I did promise them that we would sculpt an snowman.  But what kind of snowman?

The answer came quickly, as I was surfing a Google+ communities page for people who like to customize android toys.  "I've got it"! I yelled in my head.... an Android snowman!  Of course!

Well, without further delay, here is our sculpture:



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If you did dare to miss us on playa frontage this year, check out our brilliant photos from our Kostume Kult sculpture install!! 
This 18 foot Klown head was designed for the burn to act as the runway of the Kostume gifting station of the Kult at 6:45 and esplanade.  

Why did we want to attend and participate at this freak show hippie burner event in the middle of the blazing hot and dusty desert?  Why?, you ask?!….Because it will blow your mind and rearrange everything you have ever thought about what life is and why we are even here…   

Welcome Home.

Our full project story:How? and Why? this came to be:  Themendous, aka Tremendous Theming by Themendous, is known as the King of Huge. Huge sculptures, huge costumes, huge installs, huge ideas, huge hearts.  When we heard of an experience in the desert, with huge mutant vehicles, huge art installs, and huge community theme camps, we knew we had to participate.  Huge Theming is our speciality! 
When planning to raise money and build our own c…

King of Kings Statue burns

In today's emails I receive notice that the "King of Kings" Jesus Statue (also known as the "Touchdown Jesus" statue was struck by lighting last night and burned to the ground.   The statue and the area around it suffered approximately $700,000 in damages and thank God, no one was hurt.

I also understand that the church has already made a statement that it plans to rebuild the statue, which led me to contacting them, and offering our help.  The online articles have stated the original structure to have cost $250,000 and took over a year to build YIKES!!!!!!  Seriously?  Well,  I can say one thing is for sure,  we can certainly build that for less and a lot quicker (two months tops)!   We do not tote ourselves as the "King of HUGE" for nothing!  Simply reviewing this blog's history of oversized projects alone proves that!!!  Anyway,  I'm not looking to diss anyone, but I do hope that if the church is going to rebuild the famous and now even mo…

YAY!!! Our Jaws Shark Prop was revealed for Harper's Bazaar!!

Making this prop was super fun, especially after Joe's viral Shark Baby Bed. It's been Shark Week all winter long for us! It's never too cold to swim with the fish, regardless of their size.  

Killer Fashion with Killer Props!!

duunnn dunnn... duuuunnnn duun... duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn dunnnn

Articles all over are popping up with the full pictures and videos of Rihanna swimming with many other sharks, that are a bit more real then our life-sized prop!…