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Friday, May 15, 2015

Red Nose Day Fundraiser!

Be sure to check out all of our Red Nose Day Sculptures! 

  These big red noses are plotted all over NYC at five various locations! We gave them the biggest and the best when it comes to oversized marketing sculptures. Experiential marketing is one place where Themendous excels beyond the rest, especially when it is for a good cause!! And as Italians, if we know anything, it's big noses.  Be sure to catch all the great comedy, celebrity and musical performances at the NBC Red Nose Day USA Live Benefit celebration on May 21st and don't forget to donate to help kids in need! Thursday 8/7c.


A few celebrities will include:

 Full event details can be view on

Monday, April 13, 2015

Themendous Shipping Wars Debut 4/15!!!

Be sure to watch our episode of Shipping Wars on A&E!  Don't miss The BIG DEBUT on Wednesday Night April 15th at 10/9central, Episode 18 of Season 7!!
 Tune in to watch Jenn move our tremendous pieces all the way from New Jersey to Minnesota! The pieces were so robust and heavy that these sculpted veggies almost got chopped! They would make one gigantic salad…. or One Big Veggie Surprise?!  

What's that in the background??!! Is that a Droid I see? 

Stay Tuned for the World's Largest Fork and our very own Oversized Meatball to land in the same location!!

P.S.  It's Sauce! 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Come see Themendous' Monster Mash at Monsterpalooza!!!!


             Be sure to stop by Our Booth!!!

If you're into monsters, syfy and the art behind this great genre, then Monsterpalooza is the place for you to be!  And since we certainly are, it's the place and show, for us as well. But what do we exhibit amongst such great talent like Steve WangRick Lazzarini, and Stan Winston School of Character Arts?   Well, in wanting to showcase our abilities and contribution to this nail biting and hair raising event, Themendous has teamed up with the great Emmy Award-nominated director, producer and illustrator: David Hartman to produce an oversized, fully sculpted replica of Hartman's "Monster Mash" from his amazing collection of illustrations at Sideshow Monkey.  The final will be a whopping ten feet tall by seven feet wide, dripping with monster madness and some secret special effects!  The original scene is a mash up of some of our favorite horror figures, including a towering classic Frankenstein, a creepy little Dracula, and a fierce wolf man in the mist of a gruesome battle with a decrepit mummy!  And of course, there are two skimpy attired sexy lady characters who fearfully come across this epic scene of horror at just the right moment!  Monsterpalooza is going to be a Themendous event!  Be sure to visit us and our evil collaboration in "the Museum" at Monsterpalooza this March! 

Monsterpalooza will be held in Burbank, California on March 27-29th!  It is the official Art of Monster expo where thousands of horror fans flock to attend!  We are super excited to meet guests stars like Linda Blair of the Exorcist and Sonny Chiba of Street Fighter and Kill Bill!  Other visual artists participating include Don Lanning, Glenn Hetrick,  Mike Hill, and a boiling cauldron of others here !   We can't wait until March!!

 Check out the progress of our build on our youtube channel  HERE


Monday, February 9, 2015

Tech Crunch Award Ceremony with Major Props to Themendous!

Many of you may have seen the recent Tech Crunch, Crunchies Award Ceremony and have noticed actor TJ Miller's excitement about the large statue that hovered behind him!  But did you know that was our sculpture, hand crafted by Themendous and still used for display! Yay, baby! This giant Crunchies Monkey looks just as good as it's first debut show back in 2012!

Thousands of techies gathered in San Francisco's Davies Symphony Hall on Thursday night for the eighth annual Crunchies Awards, known as the Oscars of Silicon Valley. Many articles to follow, state that TJ Miller, actor in the TV satire, Silicon Valley on HBO, actually offended many of the Silicon Valley techies....but at least he gave us some major props first!

Making props for award ceremonies is such a thrill, especially when years later new footage comes into play! We love becoming part of the event and adding that bold branding item that really gets people intrigued.   For More event display pics check out our website Here Or Check out our full portfolio at

Some of our other favorite event props include the whopping twenty foot tall MTV Moon Man, the Google release of the new Lollipop Droid, and the Entenmann's Donut Display!