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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Star Wars, The Force Awakens with THEMENDOUS newly installed window displays

                Giving in to the Dark Side.... 

Themendous installed the Bloomingdale's Star Wars windows we did !  

With just a 2 and a half weeks notice, Themendous jumped to the challenge of creating these 5 prestigious  "The Force Awakens" Star Wars window scenes. The man hours involved were too much to even calculate at time of this post, but know that team Themendous was pulling some major overnighters!!! 

Working with only Clip art taken from the internet, we looked to the Force and yes, it WAS with us!  If you are in NYC, please be sure to stop by the Bloomingdale's windows on 60th St. and 3rd Ave, and take a selfie in front of our creations and let us know about it!!!  Follow us on our instagram page: as well as our FB page here: 

Be sure to see them all at the Bloomingdales Holiday Widow Displays on 60th Street in NYC!!!!  May the force be with you!

“Mind tricks don’t work on me.”



“This is a new day, a new beginning.” 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


If you did dare to miss us on playa frontage this year, check out our brilliant photos from our Kostume Kult sculpture install!! 

This 18 foot Klown head was designed for the burn to act as the runway of the Kostume gifting station of the Kult at 6:45 and esplanade.  

Why did we want to attend and participate at this freak show hippie burner event in the middle of the blazing hot and dusty desert?  Why?, you ask?!….

Because it will blow your mind and rearrange everything you have ever thought about what life is and why we are even here…   

Welcome Home.

Our full project story:

How? and Why? this came to be:  

Themendous, aka Tremendous Theming by Themendous, is known as the King of Huge. Huge sculptures, huge costumes, huge installs, huge ideas, huge hearts.  When we heard of an experience in the desert, with huge mutant vehicles, huge art installs, and huge community theme camps, we knew we had to participate.  Huge Theming is our speciality! 

When planning to raise money and build our own camp, we connected with Kostume Jim of Kostume Kult, and magic sparked.  The legendary NYC camp joined forces with Themendous to create a gifted theming dream built on dust and love.  This hard working extraordinary camp of dedicated leaders, Isa and Kimmy D, plus a great team of builders, is known for gifting costumes and playa gear to under-dressed burners the entire week of the burn.  Under-dressed burners would line up in the K Train NYC subway car, built by the fantastic G-man! and await their destination of the Kostume Station on our prime location of 6:45 and Esplanade.  

You could not miss our wicked clown sculpture which newly costumed burners would strut their stuff down. Freshly costumed burners were announced to the playa through the gaping clown mouth and down the red runway tongue, by the wildly fun MCs of Kostume Kulters Link and Jungle, although characters of their own, our Killer Klown Sculpture was tremendously Themendous and left lasting impressions and joy for all who attended!  Gifting costumes and playa gear to any and all!

Without ever knowning of Burning Man, Giovanni of Themendous was building mutant vechiles and art cars on VW bug casseys and golf carts.  Next year we plan to install a 30 foot collaborative sculpture as well as mutant vehicles and art cars.  For the past twenty years we have mastered oversized sculptures, and our voyage to bring them to playa has just begun. It is a nice escape from the real world, to build art for the sake of making art and putting smiles on others faces! The 30th anniversary is upon us and we will continue our legacy as the King of Huge, coated in dust, magic, and love.  

Tremendous Theming by Themendous are the official Google sculptors of Android and Googleplex, specializing in oversized sculptures, movie props, 3D signage, costumes, event displays, experiential marketing and much more!  Keep an eye out for us in 2016 Burning Man, you will not be able to miss us!  

Our full burn week album can be viewed on our Facebook page.  Keep an eye out for videos soon!!! 



A special thanks to Giovanni, Dena, Eddy, and Joe. My Themendous Fam.  Endless Love and Gratitude! Xoxo

As well as my new Burner Fam: Costume Jim, Isa the Champion! Kimmy D, Jungle, Nicholas!,  Sippy Cup, Gene, Marianna, Fitz, Ty Guy, G-Man and Liana!  
Love you all! 

 Only 347 days until the man burns again! 

Get ready 2016…….  

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Join Themendous at Jersey Fest and Get Your Monster on!!

Be sure to check out our Themendous Monster Mash David Hartman Sculpted Illustration on display this upcoming Friday for the first time on the East Coast! 

Join us at Jersey Fest!! 

 A Private screening will be available for the class attendees on Friday August 28th!  It will be open to the public on Saturday and Sunday!! 

Join Us.... IF You Dare!

To see our Making of Videos, Visit our youtube Channel and start with Video 1 HERE! 


Wednesday, August 26, 2015


If you are on the playa this year, be sure to not miss our sculpture for Kostume Kult at 6:45 and Esplanade!!!

We will be camping adjacent to Center Camp ready to costume burners with playa gear and  have them strut their stuff down the runway of our wicked Klown sculpture's tongue!!!

This years theme is Carnival of Mirrors so when Kostume Kult came to us with a Tremendous Theming need, Themendous custom created an amazing wicked Klown face!

Spanky's first debut was at Kostume Kults last NYC party before the burn, FreaKKShow.  But that was only a teaser for the install due on Playa!! It will be displayed center stage at Kostume Kult as lead archway to the runway where you will get a chance to show off your new gear to everyone!


The install on Playa will be a whopping 18 feet tall with color changing antenna lights, disco LED eyes, and a plush runway tongue!  Don't miss your chance to strut your stuff down this wicked runway!!  Find me, Joanne Hayes, on playa and allow me to welcome you into the Kostume Dome and wicked runway!!

A special thanks to Giovanni for making this happen and to Kostume Kult for being an awesome group of burners!  XOXO
 FreaKKshow photos were beautifully taken by GMAN Gerhardt DeKunst of KK!! Thank you for allowing us to share!

Stay tuned for full project pictures and video from playa install and burn!!